Leader Taewoon leaves SPEED + joins “Show Me the Money 4”

On March 25th, it was announced that the leader of SPEED, Taewoon, has left the group and is confirmed to join the upcoming season of Show Me the Money 4.

Taewoon was a talented underground rapper prior to his career as an idol as a part of COED SCHOOL which later split into two sub-groups: 5Dolls, which recently disbanded, and his group, SPEED. His time as the leader of SPEED showcased his charismatic charm and his impeccable rap skills. He also became known as Block B Zico’s older brother after Zico’s debut.

Because Taewoon has continued to express his desire to pursue his dream of a career as a solo hip hop artist, MBK Entertainment has decided, after much discussion, that they will support the rapper as he transitions from a member of SPEED into a solo artist.

MBK Entertainment also confirmed that the talented rapper would be participating in the upcoming season of the hit rap show Show Me the Money 4 in order to make his mark as a solo artist. Zico quickly shared his thoughts and tweeted, “Please support my brother in his new beginning.”

Following the announcement of his departure from SPEED, it was revealed that Taewoon has been preparing extensively for the last two months in anticipation of the upcoming competition. The rapper also released a solo mixtape early this year.

Meanwhile, SPEED will be joined by a new member as they prepare for their first comeback in 2015.

Source: Newsen