Leaked Phone Call Reveals TS Entertainment Director Verbally Abusing and Threatening Sleepy and D.Action

“This XXX got all big-headed since he went on one broadcast…”

Sports Chosun has obtained a phone call recording between a director of TS Entertainment and Sleepy’s manager, showing the director verbally abusing both the manager and Sleepy.

The phone call was made in January 2019, and features TS Entertainment director “Kim” threatening Untouchable’s Sleepy and D.Action while speaking with Sleepy’s manager “Shin”.

I’m going to hang up. XXX.

I XXX was XXX in active duty in the military. Did you really think I was like XXX some kind of water, cause I was staying quiet? This XXX got all big-headed since he went on one broadcast, I think I’ll have to block him once so this XXX realizes he is messing with the wrong person. What a XXX.

— TS Entertainment Director “Kim”

This verbal confrontation stemmed from the car that Sleepy was using for his schedules for 2 straight days. At the time, Sleepy, D.Action, a guest rapper, and manager “Shin” were travelling using a Renault Samsung SM6, a small 4 door passenger sedan, to travel between schedules. The car also had their clothes, and was made more uncomfortable because Sleepy had a cast on his legs at the time.

Sleepy asked the director of General Affairs at TS Entertainment if they could switch to a KIA Carnival van, which is much bigger.

I will shoulder the costs of renting a Carnival van, right now we are using an SM6 to travel between schedules. What’s worse is that there are 1 or 2 Carnival vans at the company.

— Sleepy

TS Entertainment has admitted that inappropriate comments were made during this phone call, but put the blame on D.Action, saying that D.Action started cursing first, causing “Kim” to reply in anger due to his comments.

However, the report from Sports Chosun alleges that “Kim” asked the road manager “Shin” to tell him D.Actions’s home address, and threatened to confront him in person.

Source: Sports Chosun