Leaked Schedules Confirm Just How Overworked WANNA ONE Really Is

WANNA ONE is one of the most loved idol groups of the year, and fans are worried about the members’ health after their extremely busy schedule was revealed.

November was full of tons of red carpet events the boys had to attend, but their busy schedule didn’t stop there.

Along with their many red carpet events, WANNA ONE’s members had to attend fan meetings, TV shows, radios, and Dream Concert.

In addition, this year, MAMA was held in Japan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam each day, and members had to attend the events in all three countries.

In November, they had fewer than 7 days of rest!

December is not looking much better for WANNA ONE as they had to attend the MMAs, fan meetings, TV shows, perform at the WANNA ONE Premier Show Concert, and are certain to have upcoming, unconfirmed red carpet events.

SBS also just confirmed WANNA ONE as one of the artists who will be performing at the 2017 Gayo Daejeon.

Kang Daniel, who had the busiest schedule of all the WANNA ONE members, actually fell ill and had to take a temporary break from all WANNA ONE activities.

It was reported that Kang Daniel had less than one hour of sleep each day and fell asleep even while eating.

Fans are worried that the other members are also harming themselves with the crazy schedule.

Source: Dispatch