Lee Byung Hun frustrated over information leaked by Lee Jiyeon’s lawyers

A spokesperson from Lee Byung Hun‘s side has expressed their frustration for the information leak pertaining to the recent trial held against GLAM’s Dahee and model, Lee Jiyeon

On November 24th, Lee Byung Hun attended the second trial for the attempting extortion case he filed against the two women and submitted his testimony at the Seoul Central District Court. The trial, which was initially postponed and rescheduled to a later date, focused on the actor’s statement as he testified against the alleged relationship claimed by Lee Jiyeon.

However, despite the trial’s closed-door agreement, the lawyer of the model was quoted in a short interview saying, “Through the messenger Lee Byung Hun gave a message that was implying the relationship between him and Lee Ji Yeon. He later said it was just a joke between close friends.” 

On November 25th, a representative from  Lee Byung Hun’s side said during the phone call with Newsen, “The lawyer from Lee Jiyeon’s side seems to have had an interview with the media. Since it was a closed-door trial, the justice department gave the warning for disclosure but he did,” further adding that,  “The trial took place for 3 hours and 30 minutes and we did not only talk about those things. However, only the arousing parts were published as articles and we are very frustrated. Since it was closed-door, we cannot reveal what the suspects said and what we testified. What is important is that the arguments of both parties are conflicting and that the trial is still going on.”

Expressing their frustration, Lee Byung Hun’s representatives closed the statement saying, “It is very embarrassing but I don’t think it is smart to clarify the lawyer’s statements and counteract. I feel sorry that only one-sided statements are published when the court’s ruling has not been made yet.”

The case continues as the court sets another trial date for December 16th and has summoned the mutual friend connecting Lee Byung Hun to Lee Jiyeon.