Lee Chae Yeon’s Comment In Latest “Street Woman Fighter” Episode Causes Concern

Don’t give up Lee Chae Yeon 😢

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The newest episode of Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter dropped just a day ago and it was filled with headline inducing moments. As the women dancers continue to compete against each other for a chance to become South Korea’s number 1 dance crew, Lee Chae Yeon worried the audience with her tears once again.

Lee Chae Yeon | @chaestival_/Instagram

In the third episode of the competition program, Lee Chae Yeon was voted as the worst dancer by the other dance crews after showing off her moves. Due to the fact that her ranking reflects back on her dance crew, however, the former IZ*ONE member relayed her apologies to her fellow WANT members.

Lee Chae Yeon on “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

I keep losing the battles. I feel so sorry…

— Lee Chae Yeon

Even after everything concluded, Lee Chae Yeon’s apologies carried on as her tears continued to flow behind-the-scenes. However, it was during her time with her WANT dance members that the former girl group member uttered something surprising.

Unnie, I don’t think I can dance anymore.

— Lee Chae Yeon

In the midst of her sadness, Lee Chae Yeon was greeted with endless support from her WANT unnies.

Lee Chae Yeon being consoled by her WANT dance crew.

Please don’t cry because you’re sorry.

— Rozalin

Don’t feel sorry to us.

— Choi Hyojin

This particular scene quickly became the talk of the town for its brutal and heartbreaking content, as Lee Chae Yeon’s comment concerned netizens.

| theqoo
  • “There are so many people leaving crappy comments. Chae Yeon-ah, you’re doing well.”
  • “It makes sense for her mentality to be shaken. I hope that they stop showing us her crying…I feel like they should edit it out..”
  • “Honestly, they are really brutal towards her.”
  • “Honestly, the way they edit her and the way they always compare her, it’s really sad…”
  • “Her tears are understandable given the circumstance in my opinion…”
  • “Chae Yeon-ah, don’t give upㅠ the only thing I can do is give you supportㅠ.”
  • “It was a tough situation so her tears make sense. However, the problem is with the producers who decided to air this scene.”
Lee Chae Yeon: “I keep losing the battles…”

While Street Woman Fighter continues to rank first in viewership ratings, we hope that Lee Chae Yeon builds up the strength to continue competing.

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Source: theqoo