Actress Lee Chae Young Suspected Of “Abandoning” Her 4 Pets Within A 3 Year Span

She’s deleted all traces of her former pets from her social media.

Actress Lee Chae Young has come under fire for what netizens believe may be a case of animal neglect and abandonment.

Actress Lee Chae Young.

According to WikiTree, the media site received an anonymous report about Lee Chae Young and her suspected pet abandonment from informant A—and on January 10, the Korean news outlet released an official report with a series of alleged photo evidence.

Informant A began their alleged claims by stating that the actress had previously shared photos, almost daily, of her then dog named Jack Coke. The adorable black and white Pomeranian was often featured on Lee Chae Young’s personal Instagram page, where the actress was previously seen showing affection to her pet.

Lee Chae Young with her dog, Jack Coke in a now deleted photo | @@chyoung15/Instagram

However, according to informant A, all traces of the small puppy were completely erased from the actress’s social media account. It was only after Lee Chae Young uploaded a few posts about Jack Coke’s absence that netizens began to investigate the situation.

The first upload (now deleted) was posted with a caption that specifically mentioned the actress’s “first morning without Jack Coke.” This was not only shared by the actress, but it was also liked her.

Now deleted post about Jack Coke’s absence | @chyoung15/Instagram

The second post that informant A had shared with WikiTree was another upload made by Lee Chae Young that again, mentioned her dog’s absence from her life. This time, the actress talked about a “record player that replaced Jack Coke’s place,” while again, liking her own upload.

Now deleted post about Jack Coke’s absence | @chyoung15/Instagram

It didn’t take long for netizens and informant A to figure out exactly where Lee Chae Young’s small puppy went. After a little digging, Jack Coke was found to be living with one of the actress’s acquaintances—a sound director to be exact.

According to informant A, they allegedly requested for a “welfare check on the dog,” which is when the actress began to delete all of her comments and photos pertaining to the small dog.

Lee Chae Young’s acquaintance’s Instagram post with Jack Coke | Instagram

In addition to Jack Coke’s rehoming situation, it was further revealed that Lee Chae Young had previously been raising another dog back in 2017. The actress had uploaded numerous photos of herself with a white Pomeranian puppy, which again, have all been deleted from her social media account.

Now deleted photo of Lee Chae Young’s second dog | @chyoung15/Instagram

According to WikiTree’s report, the current status of this puppy remains unknown to this day. Informant A made claims that the actress likely may have neglected and re-homed this pet before getting Jack Coke in 2020.

Now deleted photo of Lee Chae Young’s second dog | @chyoung15/Instagram

However, this is not all. While there is no photo evidence, Lee Chae Young reportedly adopted a cat and a dog at the end of 2020 as well. According to the informant, the actress shared the news of the adoptions through her Instagram account. It was shortly after her announcement, however, that pictures of both the cat and the dog were deleted from her account without any explanation.

| Yonhap News

Following this report, many began to wonder if the other cat and dog were re-homed or if they were sold to another party. Due to the growing curiosity and headline-inducing situation, WikiTree reached out to the actress for a comment, but it was revealed that they have yet to receive any type of response.

| @chyoung15/Instagram

This is not the first time a celebrity has been swept up in animal neglect accusations. Previously, The Penthouse: The War in Life actor Park Eun Seok also found himself embroiled in pet abandonment allegations in January 2020.

Actor Park Eun Seok with a puppy | ____silverstone____/Instagram

At the time of the reports, the actor was called out by an alleged former college classmate, as well as netizens who noticed the continuous “disappearances” of his numerous pets. Traces of two cats, two dogs, and a hedgehog that once lived with Park Eun Seok all vanished from his social media account.

Park Eun Seok’s previous dog and two cats, as shown on WikiTree.

While Park Eun Seok and his agency, Hunus Entertainment first denied the accusations, the mass backlash that followed continued to make headlines. Not too long after their initial denial, the actor eventually admitted to his wrongdoings and apologized for his actions.

Park Eun Seok’s other two dogs, as shown on WikiTree.

Lee Chae Young nor her agency Sidus HQ have yet to respond to the ongoing pet abandonment allegations, so stay tuned for updates.

Source: WikiTree