Lee Chaeyeon Responds To The Harsh Criticisms Made By The Other “Street Woman Fighter” Dancers

They believe she is the “weakest link.”

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Mnet‘s fierce dance competition, Street Woman Fighter only released one episode so far, but it has already been filled with headline worthy moments. There have been many notable moments in the survival program thus far, but one of the most talked about may be the interesting internal competition between Lee Chaeyeon and the other dancers.

Lee Chaeyeon.

Lee Chaeyeon may be competing on Street Woman Fighter currently, but she is no stranger to competition programs. She previously competed on SIXTEEN, which was an audition program that eventually went on to form TWICE. She was also a former contestant on Produce 48, where she went on become a member of IZ*ONE for 2.5 years. The idol really made her mark in all of the previous survival programs for her stage presence and her incredible dancing abilities.

Lee Chaeyeon (center) with her former IZ*ONE members | MTV The Show

With her participation in Street Woman Fighter, however, many of the other dancer participants are starting to “call out” Lee Chae Yeon for her idol dancing skills — which they believe is inferior to their professional dancing abilities.

The other dancers competing in the show are professional dancers, which means dancing is their entire career and life. Whether it’s on a dance team or for an agency, the other competitors all have grand experiences working and training just in dancing. Due to this, the Street Woman Fighter participants couldn’t help but pick Lee Chae Yeon as the weakest link” in the show due to her background as an idol.

Lee Chaeyeon on “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

Upon finding out about Lee Chaeyeon’s participation in the show, many of the other dancers voiced their opinions on the former IZ*ONE member’s abilities.

Hook dance team.

I believe there is a difference between an idol and professional dancers.

— Odd from Hook dance team

Another dancer, this time Rosy from PROWDMON, vocalized her thoughts on Lee Chaeyeon’s background as a former idol member, which she believed made her the “weakest link” on her dance team.

I feel like she’s the weakest link [in WANT dance team].

— Rosy from PROWDMON dance team

While Leejung from YGX praised Lee Chaeyeon’s efforts, she couldn’t help but comment on her initial surprise to see a non-professional dancer competing in the midst of the professional participants.

I didn’t even fathom meeting someone who wasn’t a professional dancer here.

— Leejung from YGX dance team

As these reviews of Lee Chaeyeon were shown on the big screen to all of the contestants, she had a hard time keeping a neutral face as she heard criticism after criticism.

Caption: “You can’t tell what she’s thinking through her unknown facial expression.”

However, as the negative responses piled up against her, they seemed to fuel her motivation as the former girl group member shared her desires to “work even harder.”

I couldn’t help but develop a desire to work even harder. I have to do really well!

— Lee Chaeyeon

Wow oh wow, things are getting intense, and there’s only been one episode! Make sure to check out new episodes of Street Woman Fighter every Tuesday to keep up with the fierce competition.

Source: WikiTree
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