Lee Chaeyeon Shares The Heartwarming Message Her Sister, ITZY’s Chaeryeong, Sent Her Before Her Debut

Their sisterhood is super sweet.

Lee Chaeyeon and ITZY‘s Chaeryeong have always been attached at the hip, sharing the same dreams since they were children and stunning the world with their incredible talent.


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The girls are super close, and no one was more excited than Chaeryeong when it was announced that Chaeyeon would finally be having her solo debut (Chaeryeong even spoiled it before Chaeyeon’s company announced it).

During her debut showcase, Chaeyeon shared that Chaeryeong had left her a long message of support right before the showcase, and Chaeryeong’s words had us all tearing up.

Seeing unnie making her debut made me tear up. I know you’ve worked hard preparing for it and you’ve been waiting for a long time, so do well like you’ve always done.

— Chaeryeong

The MC, OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee, later asked if there were any times Chaeyeon drew strength from Chaeryeong.

For Chaeyeon, there’s no single moment, but every time she’s with Chaeryeong, she draws strength from her. Just a phone call is enough to give Chaeyeon all the energy and encouragement she needs, and her sweet relationship with Chaeryeong melts all of our hearts.

Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong are also very open with each other, and for Chaeyeon’s solo debut, she frequently messaged Chaeryeong for her opinions on the choreography, music, and concept.

As always, Chaeryeong’s advice was full of genuine support, and we hope these two sisters will always wear a smile on their faces and know how talented and amazing they are.

You can check out Chaeyeon’s debut song here:


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