Lee Chaeyeon Now Has A TikTok Account

We can’t wait for her to post some dance challenges!

Former IZ*ONE member and Street Woman Fighter contestant Chaeyeon now has her own TikTok account for fans to follow.

As of now, the idol has only made one post, a welcome video for her fans.


이채연(Lee Chae Yeon) Official TikTok 채널이 오픈 되었습니다 🎉 😃 #이채연 #Leechaeyeon

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 이채연(Lee Chae Yeon) – 이채연(Lee Chae Yeon)

But with how talented and funny the idol is, her fans can certainly expect lots of exciting content from Chaeyeon.

And it isn’t like the artist is unfamiliar with the app as she’s appeared in many challenge videos with other idols and groups she’s close to.

Recently she made an appearance on rookie group Kep1er‘s TikTok, doing the “Wa Da Da challenge” with her friend Mashiro.


채연 선배님과 WA DA DA Challenge😎#ShowmeyourWADADA#WADADAchallenge #이채연 #LEECHAEYEON#마시로 #MASHIRO #Kep1er #케플러#WADADA

♬ WA DA DA – Kep1er

And of course, she was also active on IZ*ONE’s TikTok account both to promote their songs…


Shoot! Take a Panorama 📽#IZONEPanoramaChallenge#IZONE #아이즈원 #アイズワン#채연 #チェヨン

♬ Panorama – IZ*ONE (아이즈원)

As well as follow some TikTok challenges.


채연이의 드랍더썬글라스😎#IZONE #아이즈원 #アイズワン #드랍더썬글라스

♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix] – Conkarah

What kind of content are you hoping Chaeyeon will share on her new account?