Lee Chaeyeon Reveals That Guys Are Attracted To Her Because Of Her “Mellow Sexiness”

She gives tips on how guys should approach her!

Lee Chaeyeon, about to release her second mini album, appeared on Tak Jae Hoon‘s YouTube show No Back Tak and revealed a new side of her.

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The show takes place in an “interrogation room,” where Tak Jae Hoon and co-host Shin Gyu Jin ask questions in a jokingly harsh manner. From the moment Lee Chaeyeon walked in, they asked her intimidating questions, including one inciting friendly sibling rivalry.

Are you a more popular than your sister, Chaeryeong?

— Tak Jae Hoon

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Chaeyeon responded that she used to be more popular, but now that she is a solo artist finding her place, her sister, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong, is more popular. He also asked if she thinks she is a good dancer, which she answered with confidence.

I think I could be in the top 5.

When they asked her where her sister, Chaeryeong, was on that list of best dancing K-Pop idols, Chaeyeon joked that she would not be in the top 5 but was in 6th place.

Lee Chaeyeon (left) and Lee Chaeryeong (right)

Lee Chaeyeon also shared a new fact about herself. When explaining why she wanted to be on this show, the singer stated that in her private life, she is pretty popular.

To be honest, in my private life, I’m quite popular. I don’t have high tension or have good speaking skills, but I am  mellow. I’m mellow and people get pulled in. So I wanted to come here and pull everyone in.

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Tak Jae Hoon asked a follow-up question, asking what about her attracts guys, and Lee Chaeyeon responded.

Um… my mellow sexiness, my eyes, and oh—I don’t look easy.


The host asked her, “How should guys approach you?” She gave a straightforward answer.

Uh… I think it’s too difficult for them. I need to exchange some mellow telepathy.

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Lee Chaeyeon fit in with the jokingly serious atmosphere of No Back Tak, and her confident self was great to see. Fans can see this confidence and “mellow sexiness” in her new song “KNOCK” as part of her mini-album, Over The Moon which is set to be released on April 12.


Source: No Back Tak