Lee Chaeyeon Becomes A Hot Topic Online After A Dramatic Transformation In Recent Appearances

Many have put it down to changing makeup styles!

When it comes to an idol that netizens can never stop rooting for, it has to be soloist Lee Chaeyeon.

Lee Chaeyeon | @chae_festival/Instagram

Netizens have watched the idol grow over the years, from her first appearance with sister ITZY‘s Chaeryeong on K-Pop Star 3, appearing on Produce 48 and eventually debuting as part of IZ*ONE.

Chaeyeon on K-Pop Star 3 | SBS Now/YouTube
Chaeyeon on “Produce 48” | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube
Lee Chaeyeon after winning a place in IZ*ONE | M2/YouTube        

More recently, Lee Chaeyeon made her solo debut with her song “Hush Rush.”

Lee Chaeyeon’s solo mv | Stone Music Entertainment

Her visuals have always been praised as Lee Chaeyeon has grown and shocked fans with her unreal style and features.

| @chae_festival/Instagram
| @chae_festival/Instagram

The idol recently turned 23, and it seems as if she’s becoming a hot topic after her seemingly dramatic transformation in visuals.

Korean media outlets recently shone a spotlight on the idol after her recent appearances alongside bestie Purple Kiss’ main vocalist Chaein. In the photos, both idols showcased their visuals.

Lee Chaeyeon (left) and Purple Kiss Chaein (right) | Insight
| Insight

Yet, many showcased that Chaeyeon’s visuals seem to do a complete 180 degrees. While the idol has been known for her cute charms in the past, Chaeyeon boasted more mature vibes and gained attention for her sharper and more prominent features.

| Insight

After the pictures were posted, they became a hot topic on Korean forums and outlets. While the core essence of Chaeyeon’s visuals was still there, outlets described the star as maturing and showcasing a new side to her, particularly praising the change in makeup.

Many believe that by moving away from cute makeup with bright colors to something more subtle, the idol radiates pure girl crush vibes.

| @chae_festival/Instagram
| @chae_festival/Instagram

While it seems natural that idols age, the dramatic transformation of Chaeyeon might shock fans, yet, she continues to showcase her bright personality that radiates positivity. The new look is worlds away from the young girl that first gained attention so long ago.

Source: Insight


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