Lee Da In’s Mother Asks For Forgiveness And Responds To Hate Comments Targeting Lee Seung Gi And Her Daughter

Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband has been found guilty, multiple times, of stock manipulation.

Actress Kyeon Mi Ri reacted to the hate comments directed towards her daughter Lee Da In and her future husband, Lee Seung Gi.

Kyeon Mi Ri | Joong Ang Ilbo

On February 17, media outlet The Fact released an exclusive interview with the actress. On this day, Kyeon Mi Ri revealed the reason why she agreed to do an interview.

I admit there were causes for misunderstandings, but the truth has been distorted. As I saw that outlandish stories had convoluted the truth, I mustered the courage to ask everyone for forgiveness.

— Kyeon Mi Ri

Previously, on February 7, Lee Seung Gi revealed he would be marrying his girlfriend, Lee Da In. Despite the actor’s wishes for fans to congratulate them, fans and netizens alike criticized the actor for marrying into a “criminal” family.

Lee Seung Gi Announces His Marriage To Lee Da In But Many Are Not Happy

To this, Kyeon Mi Ri stated that she was aware of the criticism and felt she needed to “Tell the truth.”

I had to accept (the criticism) because I thought it wouldn’t matter no matter what I said. At first, I thought that time would be the cure. I didn’t know this nightmare would go on this long. I thought it was only right that I should tell my truth at least once.

— Kyeon Mi Ri

When asked about the ₩26.6 billion KRW (about $20.6 million USD) that the actress’s husband had allegedly benefitted through stock manipulation, Kyeon Mi Ri stated that the family had never seen the money.

It’s alleged that he made money through submitting false disclosures, but that money belonged to the business and not 1 KRW was used personally. This was explained during the trial.

— Kyeon Mi Ri

Kyeon Mi Ri was then asked about the current trial her husband faces for similar charges, to which the actress replied by stating his innocence.

Please understand I need to be careful due to the trial is still going on. The allegations stating he profited by purchasing stocks through a paid-in capital are false. Please understand, as I can’t go speak about it in more depth.

— Kyeon Mi Ri

When asked about the luxurious home that she currently lives in, the actress replied that the house was bought with her money and that her husband had never helped out financially.

The actress then ended her interview by pleading for forgiveness.

I didn’t know that my bad image would last this long. Although my daughters and I are able to withstand anything within our confines, it breaks my heart that it affects Lee Seung Gi, and I am so apologetic for that. I want to tell the truth and ask for forgiveness.

— Kyeon Mi Ri

Previously, Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband served time for stock manipulation. In 2018, he was again found guilty of stock manipulation and was sentenced to four years in prison, but was able to reverse the judgment in appeals court on merits that he “Worked hard for his company.”


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