Lee Do Hyun Surprises Kim Go Eun In Video Message From The Military

“I am disappointed that I couldn’t be with you today…”

Actor Lee Do Hyun is garnering attention after surprising Kim Go Eun in a video message from the military.

Lee Do Hyun | Hankook Kyungjae
Kim Go Eun

On January 17, actors Choi Min Sik, Kim Go Eun, and Yoo Hae Jin met with the press for their upcoming movie, Exhuma. Exhuma is a horror movie in which strange incidents occur when a grave site is moved for a large amount of money.

Poster for Exhuma

On this day, Lee Do Hyun, who is currently serving in the military, made a surprise appearance. In a video message, Lee Do Hyun spoke about his character.

I am disappointed that I couldn’t be with you today, but I am greeting you in the message to talk about my character. I play the role of Bong Gil, a shaman who moves a suspicious tomb.

— Lee Do Hyun

Lee Do Hyun then surprised everybody when he asked Kim Go Eun if her character felt he was reliable.

Bong Gil is not only skillful but is also a good-looking youngster. He’s from the MZ generation. My special role was to be Hwa Rim’s (Kim Go Eun’s character) bodyguard. Hwa Rim, was I reliable?

— Lee Do Hyun

Kim Go Eun then spoke about Lee Do Hyun and revealed the two had gotten close while shooting the movie.

He is my disciple. He’s a disciple that does his very best to follow me. Our chemistry is really good. We were very close because we are similar in age.

— Kim Go Eun

Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun and Kim Go Eun’s Exhuma premieres in February. You can watch the movie’s trailer in the link below.



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