Lee Do Hyun And Kim Go Eun Snap Cute Photo Together, But His Full Sleeve Tattoos Steal The Show

The tattoos set the tone for their movie!

Beloved actors Lee Do Hyun and Kim Go Eun have begun filming upcoming movie, Pamyo, together, and a newly released photo has caught everyone’s attention.

Kim Go Eun | @ggonekim/Instagram
Lee Do Hyun

In the picture, the Little Women actress and the Youth Of May actor could be seen posing together inside a hospital room with a baby on the bed. Both flashed V signs and as they smiled at the camera.

But aside from the visual chemistry the two were serving, something else became netizens’ topic of conversation—his full sleeve tattoos! The different characters were written in black ink and scattered across both arms.

There were varying reactions to the photo. Some said his tattoos made them feel scared, while others said it made their anticipation for the film shoot up.

Wow, this is crazy. I’m already looking forward to it,” and “What’s up with those tattoos on Lee Do Hyun’s arm? I’m already scared” were a few sentiments going around.

| @ldh_sky/Instagram

On the other hand, international netizens expressed excitement at the pairing and similarly shared how much they are looking forward to the movie’s release. Furthermore, many fans of Lee Do Hyun loved the new look, calling him handsome and praising how he looks with tattoos.

Meanwhile, Pamyo is an occult thriller about a character named Ji Gwan and a shaman who accompanies him to relocate a tomb. It will mark Lee Do Hyun’s film debut.

Source: Instiz
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