Lee Dong Wook Fans Create Hilarious “Indie Album” Cover With An Airport Photo That Went Viral

“It’s already too late to run.”

Lee Dong Wook fans took an airport photo that went viral last year and used Photoshop to create a hilarious “indie album” cover that everyone wishes was real.

Last October, Lee Dong Wook was spotted at the airport when he was leaving for the Philippines for an event.


But when he tried to cross the street, Lee Dong Wook noticed that the light turned red, so he quickly ran across.

On the same day, an article was released that was captioned, “It’s already too late to run.

And that’s how it all began.

Fans saw this as inspiration for an “indie album” cover, as they believed Lee Dong Wook’s casual wear, as well as his long and wavy hair, made him look like the lead singer of an indie band.

So they used Photoshop to create an album cover as well as some of the lyrics to the potential song.

It’s already too late to run.

It’s already too late to run. Because by the time I get there, you won’t be there anyway.

And now fans are wishing this could happen in real life.

  • It’s such high quality that I thought it was real.
  • It has a retro feel that’s the trend these days.
  • I wish he could really release an album.

Fingers crossed?


Source: Dispatch