Lee Dong Wook Discovered That He Has Genes That Is Only Found In 1% Of The Korean Population

He won the genetic pool lottery!

Actor Lee Dong Wook has always been famous for his ethereal visuals as he was frequently mistaken as not being full Korean. But that theory may not be entirely off as he recently sat down with a forensic professor to talk about his genetics.


During Because I Want To Talk, Lee Dong Wook had his genetics tested by Professor Yoo Sung Ho who teaches at Seoul University.


There, the professor revealed that Lee Dong Wook actually has genes that are only found in 1% of the Korean population!


Lee Dong Wook’s genes revealed that he’s actually part Siberian! The professor clarified that Lee Dong Wook is most certainly Korean, but he has Siberian heritage, which is extremely rare among Koreans!


The professor explained that Lee Dong Wook’s porcelain white skin, which is uncommon among Koreans, most likely comes from his Siberian heritage!


Lee Dong Wook joked that his mom would probably be most shocked by the news of their family lineage!


The professor also tested Lee Dong Wook’s physical age, and much to his surprise, his results revealed that he has the physical age of a 32 year old! That’s 7 years younger than his actual age!


Lee Dong Wook was completely ecstatic about his results as he gave the cutest little flex-ceremony!

There was a reason for Lee Dong Wook’s one of a kind visuals, and it all stemmed from his super rare genes that’s hardly ever found among Koreans all over the world!

Source: Segye