Lee Dong Wook in All Black is the Only Thing We Need to See Today

Be ready to get blown away.

Actor Lee Dong Wook geared up in all black and marched in his way at the Seoul CHANEL branch’s new product launching event. Dressed to kill in his super chic suit, Lee Dong Wook stopped a thousand hearts with his godly visuals!


Lee Dong Wook picked out a completely black outfit for the occasion, perfected from his hair down to his shoes, and rocked the whole “Dark Prince” look.


Towering at 6 feet tall, and with godly proportions, Lee Dong Wook blessed the audience with his clean, sleek suit look. See how many scrolls it takes to actually see the whole package…


And the pitch black suit actually brought out Lee Dong Wook’s flawless and almost translucent skin tone. To his fans, Lee Dong Wook looked exactly like a knight in shining armor. Check out how he really glowed at the event!


Lee Dong Wook posed for the cameras, but may have melted the lenses with his drop-dead gorgeous eyes. He took his time and gazed into the camera, as if he is acting a scene from a heart throbbing K-Drama. Who would be able to survive this kind of prolonged eye contact with Lee Dong Wook?


Fans can’t quite handle the visual explosion happening here. When Lee Dong Wook was announced to host PRODUCE X 101, viewers poked fun at the fact that the host might outrun all the competition in the visual department. But it’s all too true; Lee Dong Wook could become the next K-Pop idol and everyone would stan hard!