Producer Lee Dong Wook Takes the Spotlight with Idol-Like Visuals at Produce X 101 Press Conference

Some might say he looked more like an idol than the contestants.

The Produce X 101 press conference recently took place in Seoul, which was attended by Lee Dong Wook, who’ll be hosting the show.

On this day, Lee Dong Wook appeared in a pink suit and showed off visuals that challenged that of the contestants.

Lee Dong Wook has always been known for his stunning visuals, so it’s not surprising that he stole the spotlight with his looks once again, but it was even more impressive this time.

The show features many young participants who are training to become idols, and despite being in the midst of them, Lee Dong Wook still managed to look like a young idol.

At 37 years old, the fact that Lee Dong Wook can blend in with contestants in their teens goes to show how youthful the star is.

Lee Dong Wook shared that he decided to become the host in order to become a support system for the contestants. He also added that this is a new challenge for him which makes him very nervous.

What’s for certain is that viewers can probably expect to enjoy Lee Dong Wook’s good looks on the show in addition to the spectacular performances of the contestants.

Check out a few more gorgeous shots of “idol Lee Dong Wook” below:

Source: Insight