Lee Dong Wook’s Unconventional Take On Household Chores Turns Him Into Internet’s Favorite Husband Material

“It’s only right that…”

Actor Lee Dong Wook is going viral for his unconventional take on who should be doing the chores in a marriage.

Lee Dong Wook | @leedongwook_official/Instagram

The Tale of the Nine Tailed lead appeared as a guest on Salon Drip, a talk show hosted by Jang Do Yeon on the TEO YouTube channel. Lee has been a long-time friend of the host, so the atmosphere of the interview was much like a casual conversation between friends.

Lee Dong Wook with Jang Do Yeon | @TEO_universe/YouTube

During the episode, the two started talking about household chores and how difficult it is to maintain a clean home. Lee Dong Wook spoke with the experience of an expert, revealing that he does his own chores. When the topic came to doing laundry, he even shared his strategy of using vinegar while washing wet things and baking soda for dry laundry to get rid of smells. The actor said that he prefers using these old home remedies instead of products like fabric softeners to preserve the fabrics as much as possible.

Jang Do Yeon then teased Lee, asking what he would do if he gets married to someone who has completely different methods of doing chores than his. “But say you love her,” Jang added, to which Lee Dong Wook jokingly replied, “Why would I have done that?”

The actor followed it up with his real response, saying that even after marriage, he would be doing all the chores. Since he has his methods of doing them, he would be uncomfortable if someone else disrupts the routine.

Lee Dong Wook then shared his personal opinion about the division of chores in a marriage. He feels that men should do more household work because they are technically better fit for the job. “Chores require a lot of strength. So it’s only right that the one with more strength should do them,” he reasoned.


Ah, and this might be a personal opinion, but I think it’s only right that men do more of the household chores.

—Lee Dong Wook

This comment overnight became all the rage in online communities. Netizens couldn’t praise Lee Dong Wook enough for his mindset, and marriage proposals kept pouring in for the actor.

  • “Right, right.”
  • “This is what you call being a real man.”
  • “A person with great looks and a greater mind…”
  • “This is a real man.”

  • Oppa, marry me.”
  • “Please marry me.”
  • “He’s perfect.”
  • “Is there anything lacking in this guy?”
  • “I like Lee Dong Wook so much TT TT.”
  • “A real man…really, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. If you do the household chores, I’ll really make you ten meals a day because I like to cook so f*cking much.”

The clip went viral internationally as well, with praises flooding in for the actor.