“Heart Signal 3” Lee Ga Heun Denies Bullying Accusations And Explains The Lawsuit Charges

Her lawyer explained that the term “defamation by the disclosure of what is true” does not mean the accusations are true.

Previously, it was reported by Sports Kyunghyang that Lee Ga Heun from hit reality romance, Heart Signal 3, admitted to bullying allegations and proceeded to sue the person who exposed her for “defamation by the disclosure of what is true”. However, Lee Ga Heun’s lawyer has since stepped up to clarify that Lee Ga Heun had in fact, not admitted to the bullying allegations.

Lee Ga Heun’s lawyer revealed, “We have filed a lawsuit against A, with the charges of slander using falsehoods. A claims to be a victim of school violence allegedly committed by Lee Ga Heun. The prosecutor for the case has judged that it is close to impossible for the allegations to be revealed as true, based merely on either testimony given by teachers or students, as there is no objective data dated from period of time which A claims to have experienced school violence is over 10 years ago, during her 6th grade days.

The prosecution for the case had also decided while looking through the text conversation between Lee Ga Heun and the exposer from 10 years ago, that there was no public interest and only personal vendetta behind the exposé. Hence the exposer will be charged with defamation and slander. It was also revealed that the accuser repeatedly tried to get Lee Ga Heun to settle and cancel the lawsuit. Lee Ga Heun rejected the proposals.

Lee Ga Heun’s team emphasizes that the lawsuit does not indicate that Lee Ga Heun admitted to the bullying allegations and stressed once again that the accusations are falsehoods. The reason why the charges were legally changed from “spread of falsehoods” to “defamation by the disclosure of what is true” is merely for legal advantage in the court.

Legally, the charge for “defamation by the disclosure of what is true” does not necessarily mean that the allegations are admitted to be true. Rather, it is a term that can be used for any case of libel or slander and highlights the essence of the purposeful time of accusation rather than any truth behind it.

Lee Ga Heun is currently undergoing a retrial with A

Source: Sports Kyunghyang