Actor Lee Gyu Han Denies Assault Accusations In A Case That Has Been Going On For Over A Year

Investigations were lengthy and delayed.

Actor Lee Gyu Han, famous for his recent role in She Would Never Know, was recently accused of having assaulted a driver while drunk. According to news reports, in August 2020, he had been drunk and had gotten onboard a car. The driver belatedly accused the actor of having assaulted him and had submitted an official investigation request at the Gangnam Police Station. The investigation had been delayed as both parties delivered different statements.

Due to the incident, Lee Gyu Han had stepped down from his roles in Green Mothers Club as well as Again My Life. Both dramas are slated to air in 2022. He delivered a statement via his Instagram on November 8, 2021.

This is Lee Gyu Han. My heart feels heavy at having to deliver bad news. I have been tortured by something that happened in August 2020, even though it’s been over a year and three months.. All I can tell you now is that I swear on my life that I did not assault anyone, physically or verbally. And now as I have no company, many reporters are calling me but… Due to this my anxiety attacks have gotten more severe and I am unable to respond to each and every one. I’m so sorry about that. I hope to soon be ruled as innocent and if you still have interest towards me after that and after I become healthier, I will personally visit you and let you know about everything.

— Lee Gyu Han

Lee Gyu Han is now a free agent. His last drama was 2021’s She Would Never Know, opposite SF9‘s Rowoon. Stay tuned for updates on the case.

Source: Star Today