Lee Hi Expresses Her Frustration With Not Being Able To Make A Comeback

She just wants to make a comeback.

Lee Hi posted on her fancafe to say hello to all of her fans again and give an update on her lack of a comeback.


Her post details how she misses all of her fans, and how she didn’t think it would be this difficult to make a comeback.

“Is everyone doing well? It’s already the season of hot summer. I miss you all as much as you miss me. I want to make a comeback soon but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. It’s not a comeback stage, but whether it’s at a university festival or the jazz festival, you all come to see me. Sometimes from the stage, I can see the lightsticks and the fan’s faces and you don’t know how happy that makes me. I’m always grateful… I’m sorry I’m a singer with few expressions. I always say this but I will continue to work harder! I miss you all everyday! Be careful of the hot weather! It’s already June 20! Have a great day today” — Lee Hi


Lee Hi was announced to have been preparing a comeback since August 2017. She was announced to have filmed her title track music video and the track would also feature G.Soul.

This comeback was supposed to happen in September, but never did. Later in October, YG Entertainment confirmed Lee Hi would make her comeback in 2017, which also never ended up happening.


In one of his Instagram updates from March 2018, Yang Hyun Suk said Lee Hi is starting to record new songs.

He later followed up in May after his herniated disk injury, saying that he would continue to focus on Lee Hi. However with every passing day, Lee Hi’s fans become less and less confident that she will get a comeback, due to the past announcements that never came to fruition.


Lee Hi has been open in the past about her struggles and personal pains due to her long hiatus, which is only getting longer as time goes on.

Lee Hi Breaks Down In Tears Talking About Her Long Hiatus

Source: Lee Hi Fancafe, Herald Pop, Osen and Star News