Lee Hi Refutes A Fan’s Assumption That YG Entertainment Did Her Dirty

I don’t think I’m a victim of YG at all.

Lee Hi recently made an appearance on the 1theK Originals‘s “Look Me Up” on YouTube where she answered a fan’s comment about how she was the biggest victim of YG Entertainment.

In the video, Lee Hi was reading through a series of comments, one of which criticized YG Entertainment for neglecting her.

Lee Hi is the biggest victim of YG Entertainment’s policies. You can tell just how much they neglect solo artists.

— Netizen

But Lee Hi begged to differ. She clarified that that’s not how she feels at all.

Really? I feel like I received so much promotion that I wondered if it was normal for a newly debuted artist to get so much support. They have many artists, and in order to focus on all of them, they need at least a 2-month gap. So only 5 artists can promote a year. I ask that you understand that.

— Lee Hi

She went on to stress that she doesn’t see herself as a victim and shared that many people look at her with pity.

I don’t think I’m a victim at all. After a certain point, people started looking at me with a pitiful gaze.

— Lee Hi

She concluded,

I’m happy, so I’d like it if you didn’t pity me.

— Lee Hi

Following her 7 years with YG Entertainment, Lee Hi signed with AOMG and released her comeback single, “HOLO”.

Wishing Lee Hi all the success in the years to come!

Source: Insight