Lee Hi Opens Up About Late Jonghyun’s Passing And How It Affected The Song He Wrote For Her

Late Jonghyun wrote Lee Hi’s song “Breathe”, but she didn’t know what to do with it when he passed away.

Lee Hi recently made an appearance on the 1theK Originals‘s “Look Me Up” on YouTube where she opened up about late Jonghyun‘s passing as well as the song he wrote for her called “Breathe”.

While looking through some comments from fans, Lee Hi read one that expressed how comforting the song “Breathe” is for them. And in response, she thanked late Jonghyun for the song and how it comforted her as well.

The truth is, Jonghyun wrote me that song, and when I saw so many comments talking about how it comforted them, that comforted me. I think it’s really hard to find a song that comforts you. I think a song comforts you when it talks about something you feel yourself. But I think this song comforts a lot of people, so I’m really thankful to Jonghyun for giving me this song.

— Lee Hi

Lee Hi also spoke up about the song “Breathe” and what it meant to her when she first recorded it.

My heart aches. The truth is, I remember working really hard to record this song thinking, ‘I have to do this song. I feel like by singing this song, I’ll feel really comforted by it, so it’ll give me a lot of strength.

— Lee Hi

But things changed when late Jonghyun passed away.

After that happened, I started to wonder, ‘Is it okay for me to sing this song now?’ I felt teary every time, so I thought, ‘Will I ever be able to sing this live again?’ I was really worried. I hope many people still listen to the song and feel comforted by it.

— Lee Hi

SHINee‘s Jonghyun passed away in December 2017 causing great shock within Korea as well as all over the world.

Not only did late Jonghyun gift Lee Hi with the emotional song, but it’s well-known among fans that they were close friends as well.

May Jonghyun continue to rest in peace.

Source: Dispatch