Lee Hi Reveals AKMU Chanhyuk’s Response To Her Comeback Hiatus, Netizens Demand They Leave YG

Netizens are furious.

Lee Hi revealed on Idol Room that she finally made a comeback after 3.5 years since her last album.

When the hosts commented that someone could have finished their military enlistment twice within that time period, Lee Hi revealed that AKMU‘s Chanhyuk was also surprised by her hiatus after he was discharged from finishing his services.

Defcon: Did he ask, ‘Hi, you hadn’t made a comeback yet?’

Lee Hi: You’re right! He just exactly that. He said, ‘What were you thinking?’


Considering how Lee Hi has achieved #1 on multiple music charts with every single one of her releases since debut, netizens were shocked to find that it took 3.5 years for Lee Hi to make a comeback!

Many demanded that Lee Hi and AKMU leave YG Entertainment for an agency that will better appreciate their talents.

Lee Hi granted netizens their wish on December 31, 2019, officially leaving YG Entertainment. In July 2020, it was revealed she signed with AOMG, and made her comeback under her new agency.

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