Lee Hi Thanks Former iKON’s B.I And Calls Him Her Loyal Friend

They have a long history together.

B.I recently starred in Lee Hi‘s music video for “Savior”. During her commemorative showcase for the drop, she did not hesitate to thank her friend for his loyalty and companionship.

I’m very thankful for his feature on the song. I would like to take this opportunity to thank B.I… He said that I was a very loyal friend during an interview, and he is also someone with much loyalty. Hanbin-ah, thanks to you, I think the music video turned out well. Thank you.

β€” Lee Hi

The two have come a long way since their days at YG Entertainment. Not only did B.I feature in her last song in YG Entertainment, “No One”, she also featured in his recent song, “Daydream”. Check out “Savior” below!