Lee Honey Finally Speaks Up About Rumors That She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend, Yoon Kye Sang

Her past Instagram post sparked the rumors.

Actor power couple Lee Honey (also known as Lee Hanee) and Yoon Kye Sang were rumored to have broken up when her post on Instagram sparked speculations of trouble in paradise.


Even if we’re always together, then and now, you and I have changed, and change is definite but.

I miss those days badly. The days that won’t come back. Like Today.


— Excerpt from her caption


Although the post became a hot topic in September, Lee Honey finally got around to personally replying to the break up rumors. She firmly claimed during a recent interview that it was not true at all!

We’re dating well. I was so shocked by the sudden break up rumors.

I didn’t understand where the rumors came from. It made me think that I need to be careful.

— Lee Honey


She explained that the post was simply about her sadness as her dog was growing older. She joked that she’ll have to refrain from posting anything emotional from now on!

I wrote that after seeing my dog’s black fur turn grey. It made me sad. I usually review my social media posts before I upload it, but I never expected it could spark a break up rumor.

I guess I need to refrain from writing emotional posts. It was definitely not hinting at a break up.

— Lee Honey


Lee Honey and Yoon Kye Sang have been dating for over 6 years as the two first became close as industry friends. Now they’ve both grown their careers as top stars and are very active in various films!

Source: TV Report