Lee Hyori Advises Rookie Idols CIIPHER To Go Clubbing And Date Lots Of Girls

Lee Hyori only has their best interests.

A recent YouTube upload by Rain showed Lee Hyori paying his rookie idols, CIIPHER a visit, and her advice was very Lee Hyori-like, to say the least.


As a veteran idol herself, Lee Hyori stressed the importance of dividing and displaying all sorts of different talents.


By going clubbing.

Do you really think I would’ve been able to perform a song like ’10 Minutes’ if I was just a nice student studying at a desk all the time?

— Lee Hyori

| @ciipher_official/Instagram


She also advised them to date lots of girls.

You have to meet lots of girls to sing about love.

— Lee Hyori

And when Rain panicked and told CIIPHER to just imagine it and do all of that after terminating their contract, Lee Hyori refused to back down.

Men who only look at you are no fun. But when you see a man getting involved in lots of scandals, you think, ‘I want him.’

— Lee Hyori


According to Lee Hyori, CIIPHER will have a better chance at success if they do the opposite of other idols.

The others don’t club or date, right? Then you do that.

— Lee Hyori

But Rain begged to differ in a joking way.

Yeah, okay. Go smoke and don’t wear a mask. Let me go to the police station in the meantime.

— Rain

Which veteran idol do you side with?

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight