Lee Hyori “Annoyed” By ITZY Yuna’s Iconic “U-Go-Girl” Cover

She was kidding, of course.

In the latest episode of The Seasons: Red Carpet with Lee Hyori, ITZY‘s four members appeared as guests and performed Lee Hyori‘s greatest hits!

While talking about the performance, as well as Yuna‘s iconic “U-Go-Girl” performance for the 2022 KBS Song Festival—which went mega-viral for the idol’s incredible stage presence and gorgeous shape…

…Lee Hyori joked that the cover was “annoying.”

Lee Hyori then immediately explained that it was “annoying” because Yuna took “U-Go-Girl” and made it completely hers—while Yuna insisted it was not hers at all!

Ryujin: Yuna’s cover of “U-Go-Girl” went viral.

Lee Hyori: I know! It was so annoying! “U-Go-Girl” is mine, but Yuna took it and made it hers!

Yuna: Oh, but it’s not mine!

Hyori: No, no. You totally made it yours. And your hips? You were something else.

[Clip starts showing in the background]

Lee Hyori: Look, look! You did that! Those low-rise pants, too? You look beautiful.

And when Yuna thanked Lee Hyori for the song, the sunbae immediately poked fun again—making ITZY and the audience laugh!

Yuna: I do want to thank you, by the way.

Lee Hyori: For what? For not being as hot as you?

Yuna: No, no, no!

Lee Hyori: What are you thanking me for, then?

Yuna: That cover of “U-Go-Girl” did really well, so I wanted to thank you for the song.

Eventually, Lee Hyori also thanked Yuna for covering the song, mentioning how much she appreciates fellow hoobae idols re-creating her greatest hits.

Watch Lee Hyori’s original “U-Go-Girl” here!