“She Gives Off Minji Vibes!” Lee Hyori’s “Ageless Visuals” In A Recent Editorial Gain Attention After Using NewJeans’ Makeup Artist

It’s a contrast to a recent event where her look was criticized.

OG K-Pop sensation Lee Hyori has become a hot topic online after her makeup in a latest editorial was done by a fourth-generation group’s makeup artist.

Lee Hyori | @lee_hyolee/Instagram

Of course, Hyori is known as the OG K-Pop queen and even in 2023, she is shining with her talent and visuals.

| @lee_hyolee/Instagram

Yet, as young as Hyori always looks, netizens think the idol has aged backward even more after her recent editorial where the makeup was done by NewJeans’ makeup artist Lee Nakyum.

The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

Hyori recently appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine and showcased a youthful and innocent side to herself with a simple but impactful concept. From the outlook, the idol’s makeup was simple but seemingly allowed Hyroi’s natural beauty to shine.

| theqoo
| theqoo

Many also noticed that the light makeup and application made Hyori look even more ageless than normal. In particular, many joked that she could easily pass as a fourth-generation idol and even compared the look to NewJeans’ Minji.

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| theqoo
| theqoo

Yet, the reason it has become such a huge topic was because of a previous event where Lee Hyori’s makeup was criticized. On October 6, KST, at the BURBERRY brand’s pop-up event, Hyori debuted a new makeup look and it wasn’t received that well by Korean fans.

While the harshness of the lighting tends to impact photos, seeing the new editorial had fans praising just how stunning Hyori actually is. In particular, along with sharing how young the style made her look, many even compared the veteran idol to the members of NewJeans.

  • “How could they make this person look like that last time!”
  • “She already looks young but she looks even younger.”
  • “Nakyung MUA is my bias please do make up forever please.”
  • “They don’t always have to look young. I like this natural look. Hyori unni is pretty.”
  • “The last makeup look was too much…she looks so pretty here.”
  • “Oh she gives off NewJeans’ Minji vibes with this makeup.”

As always, makeup is a huge part of being an idol and the style and application can impact someone massively. You can read more about the reactions to Hyori’s previous makeup style below.

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Source: theqoo