Lee Hyori Revealed Her Big Plan For Her Fans And It’s Not Re-Opening Her Social Media

Fans are in for a treat!

Not too long ago, K-Pop queen Lee Hyori deactivated her Instagram leaving fans searching for ways to communicate with her.

| @hyoleehyolee/Instagram

In a recent fashion magazine interview, Lee Hyori shared that she plans on continuing her communication with her fans through an essay book she is publishing.

She apologized to her fans for deactivating her account, but she made sure to share that she was very grateful and that is why she is showing her thanks through her upcoming essay book.

Lee Hyori once explained that she left social media because of all the time she was spending on it and how it was affecting her marriage. Of course, fans were understanding of the situation and only wants the best for the artist and her husband Lee Sang Soon.

Following the news of her publishing an essay book, fans are anticipating Lee Hyori’s future projects!

Check the SBS New video below:

Source: SBS NEWS