Lee Hyori Reveals That Her Dog, Soonshim, Has Passed Away Recently In A Heartbreaking Letter

Rest in peace.

Singer Lee Hyori‘s dog, Soonshim, was revealed to have passed on from the earth. As Lee Hyori has quit social media, the care center from which she adopted Soonshim previously, delivered the message on her behalf.

| Star Today

On December 24, 2020, the care center posted the message Hyori sent to the center’s director.

Director, our Soonshim has left the world yesterday. She left while being held in my arms, peacefully. I am so grateful that you entrusted Soonshim to me and let me meet her. I am deeply grateful to the volunteers that brought Soonshim to the care center, and the foster mothers that took care of her as well. Soonshim also conveys her gratefulness and love to everyone.

— Lee Hyori

Soonshim was adopted in 2010 and has even appeared on broadcast with Lee Hyori, endearing her to the public.

Source: Star Today