Lee Hyori Slashes Rent To 0 Won To Ease Hardships Faced By Tenants In Her Building Due To Coronavirus

She is such an angel.

Lee Hyori has provided a sense of warmth to those around her who are struggling due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that has hit South Korea over the past month. She has decided to not receive any rent from the tenants in her building for the month of March.

According to an exclusive interview conducted by Xportnews with a tenant who is renting from Lee Hyori, the tenant explained that Lee Hyori contacted them in February, and stated that they would not have to pay any rent for the month of March.

These days, due to the Coronavirus, the area is not doing very well [financially], so we are very grateful for Lee Hyori providing an exemption for the full amount of rent.

— Tenant

Lee Hyori purchased the building in question back in October 2019. Currently, the building is home to a Korean restaurant, a wine bar, and various office buildings.

With the spread of the Coronavirus, celebrities are continuing to provide good deeds to those who may not be as well off as they are. Many celebrities have lowered rent costs in order to ease the financial burden felt by their tenants, including Kim Tae Hee and Rain, Won Bin and Lee Na Young, Seo Jang Hoon, and Jun Ji Hyun.

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Source: Xportnews