44-Year-Old First Generation Idol Ages Backwards After Changing Her Makeup Style Following Criticism

How did she do it?

Early in October 2023, first-generation idol Lee Hyori took some heat for her experimental makeup style that made her look older than she normally does. Although the star is now 44 years old, she has always been known for her baby face. The bleached brows and smokey makeup did nothing for her.

Lee Hyori at the event.

It seems like she took the criticism to heart, for she quickly changed her makeup style. On October 24, 2023, she gained attention for looking much younger at a recent event.

Lee Hyori recently. | theqoo

The pink blush and naturally lined lips suited her perfectly. Although she also rocks a smoky eye, it makes her look sexier rather than dated.

Lee Hyori recently. | theqoo

In a live stream she held on the same day, her youthful beauty gained attention from everyone that tuned in.

The comments were full of praise about her young looks.

  • Unnie, why aren’t you aging?
  • My daughter says look like you’re 20!
  • I have to only wear a hoodie and shorts from now on.
  • I love [your new song]. It totally suits your voice and the season.

Netizens were impressed with her new style.

Netizen reactions. | Instiz
  • Wow, the screenshots of her live stream are so pretty.
  • Wow, daebak.
  • She looks way younger. Pretty.
  • Her facial features are too much of a fraud [with how perfect they are].

She certainly seems to have taken previous criticism into stride and revamped her look! Lee Hyori definitely could pass for someone in her late 20s!

Source: Instiz