Lee Hyori Makes a Shoe Website Crash Just by Wearing High Heels Made by Hearing-Impaired Craftsmen

The shoe company is known for employing hearing-impaired craftsmen.

Lee Hyori recently shared photos of herself wearing gorgeous shoes and captioned them,

The Agio shoes were made by the hardworking hands of hearing-impaired craftsmen. But on top of that, they’re beautiful, too.

– Lee Hyori

In the photos, Lee Hyori can be seen flaunting the casual yet chic outfits she’s known for, but the focus of the photos are her shoes.

She flaunted gorgeous high heels as well as flats and cleverly matched them with her outfits like the fashion icon she is.

As her caption explains, the shoes that she wore were made by hearing-impaired craftsmen.

And as soon as made the brand known on her social media, so many fans flocked to Agio’s website that it ultimately crashed after just 30 minutes.

Fans of Lee Hyori are praising her influence with comments such as “Both her face and heart are beautiful“, “She’s a celebrity who makes positive influences“, and “She’s so pretty“.

Agio is a Korean shoe company known to employ hearing-empaired craftsmen for their production.

Ahead of Lee Hyori’s promotion of the brand, Agio became widely known as a shoe that president Moon Jae In wore back in 2017.

Due to such influences, Agio has risen back from its closure back in 2013 and is gaining much attention online.

Source: Insight