Lee Hyori’s “Ssen Unnie” Ultimate Girl Group With Uhm Junghwa, Jessi, And Hwasa Is Coming To Life

The ultimate girl group is coming.

Lee Hyori‘s self-proclaimed ultimate girl group with Uhm Junghwa, Jessi, and Mamamoo‘s Hwasa actually has a chance of happening.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports on July 30, Lee Hyori, Uhm Junghwa, Jessi, and Hwasa will be having their first meeting together tomorrow, July 31. This is the first step for the four women to officially form their project girl group, and many insiders and fans have their attention set on just what will be said during the meeting of the four women.

In a previous episode of MBC How Do You Play?, during the formation of SSAK3 with Yoo Jae Suk and Rain, Lee Hyori talked about who her ideal ultimate girl group would be, and mentioned Uhm Junghwa, Jessi, Hwasa as her ideal group mates. Following the broadcast, Uhm Junghwa shared her thoughts on the idea.

I applaud this combination! Should I start preparing? #HyoriDidWell #Hahaha

— Uhm Junghwa

Hwasa also expressed her appreciation for even being mentioned by Lee Hyori, and Jessi also simply replied with a series of heart emojis. Are you ready for this girl group filled with legends?

Source: Ilgan Sports