Lee Hyun May Be Their Senior, But Here’s The Touching Reason Why He Is Still Inspired By The Other HYBE Groups

Their friendships are #goals!

When it comes to the HYBE family, there is no denying that they seem as close as ever! From BTSTXT, and ENHYPEN, the groups interacting together is a source of joy. Yet, soloist Lee Hyun has gained fans’ attention for his amazing relationship with the HYBE groups!

BTS, TXT and Lee Hyun

From acting like TXT’s personal trainers to being BTS’s manager for the day, their interactions are the best! Fans saw just how much the members respect Lee Hyun and see him as an older brother figure throughout their meetings.

In a recent interview with Weverse, Lee Hyun opened up about his relationship with the different groups. It seems as if, despite being the oldest in the company, he still feels inspired by his junior artists.

For example, in the interview, they touched upon an interview Lee Hyun did in 2020 for MBC‘s Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope. During the show, he sang a line from his new track “Moon in the Ocean.” After singing it, he explained that he was using a different vocal tone, adding that he “actually emulated Jung Kook. I used him as my reference.”

BTS’s Jungkook | BigHit Entertainment

In particular, he explained that he enjoys listening to the songs from the company’s artists.

Since I’m a singer, when I listen to a BTS or TOMORROW X TOGETHER song, and some part in the vocals piques my interest, I just want to try singing along to it.

— Lee Hyun

For him, listening to music from his junior’s allows him to keep creating music that stays with the times and is constantly evolving

I like the texture of their music and what they’re going for, too, and people love those songs. And I like trying to act like them, because I’ll try expressing myself, and sometimes realize the way I used to think was best isn’t—that there are other ways.

— Lee Hyun

Lee Hyun

It isn’t the first time that Lee Hyun has shared his appreciation and friendship with the different groups. From praising V for his handsome looks and voice, protecting the groups from unnecessary hate, and much more, he is definitely an amazing hyung. 

Despite the age gap between Lee Hyun and the other artists, seeing just how much they depend and rely on each other is heartwarming. Hopefully, fans will be treated to more interactions in the future!

Make sure to watch Lee Hyun become BTS’s manager below!

Source: Weverse