Lee Hyun Reveals Who His BTS Bestie Is And Which Member He Believes Is Most Handsome

It’s not the same person!

In the past, fans have been blessed with so much content between the members of BTS and fellow HYBE artist Lee Hyun. Over the years, they have showcased just how close they are, from listening to each other’s songs, standing up for each other, and Lee Hyun even became the group’s manager.

Lee Hyun with the members of BTS and TXT | HYBE

Lee Hyun recently appeared on an episode of Back Psychorus on YouTube where he sat with Yang Sechan and Hwang Jeseong (known as their alter egos Hwangtae and Yang Miri) to discuss his relationship with former HYBE CEO Bang Si Hyuk, his new songs, and much more.

In particular, the hosts asked Lee Hyun about his relationship with BTS and how close he is with the various members. As expected, considering how long they’ve known each other, Lee Hyun had nothing but kind words about them and revealed who he is closest to.

Of course, we are close because I’ve seen them since they were trainees. Well, Jin is the oldest, so he’s the closest.

— Lee Hyun

There is no denying this as Jin has been a constant presence on Lee Hyun’s YouTube channel and, on more than several occasions, fans have fangirled over the two idols’ friendship which resembles brothers. In particular, when Lee Hyun was BTS’s manager, Jin loved having some fun with his hyung.

| 혀니콤보 TV/ YouTube 

After testing the hosts on their BTS knowledge, it was back to Lee Hyun, and they asked him who he thought the best-looking member was.

Of course, it was a difficult choice, but he finally chose one member, and there are many ARMYs and celebrities worldwide who would probably agree with his choice. Lee Hyun explained, “Oh, it’s so hard. It’s V.

Lee Hyun even had the funniest reaction when they asked him to choose who was more handsome, him or the member of BTS, adding, “What a nonsense… of course, V is more handsome.

Although Lee Hyun praised V for his looks, it isn’t the only time he’s had nothing but praise for the member! In a recent interview, Lee Hyun also praised V’s vocals, describing it as unique and having a special tone to his, which is hard to disagree with.

There is no denying just how amazing the relationship is between Lee Hyun and BTS. Fans will continue to love watching them interact together in different ways. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before they do another video together!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 황태와 양미리(빽사이코러스)