Popular Model Lee Hyun Yi Confesses She’s Suffering From Facial Paralysis

“I still can’t feel my face…”

Popular model and TV personality Lee Hyun Yi revealed she was suffering from facial paralysis.

Lee Hyunyi

On December 20, the model appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star. On this day, the model spoke about her time on Kick A Goal (Also known as Shooting Stars).

Kick A Goal is a variety program on SBS that features celebrities playing soccer. The program has become one of the most beloved variety shows in Korea and has a loyal following.

Lee Hyun Yi spoke about playing soccer, stating that although it was difficult for her in the beginning, the model has since learned to love the world’s sport.

At first, I was really bad at soccer, but I’ve gotten a lot better. Because I’m older, if I have schedules on a day, I practice twice the day before. I have a team practice and then train on my own. This keeps my skills sharp. If I wanted to get better, I think I would have to train 6 hours a day.

— Lee Hyun Yi

When asked if she would continue playing soccer even after the show ended, the model answered she may stop but stated that she hoped the show would never end. Lee Hyun Yi then shared an anecdote revealing her commitment to the sport and the show.

Recently, a player’s head hit my face. My right face has become paralyzed. Even to this day, the paralysis hasn’t disappeared. My face was symmetrical, but now I can’t smile all the way.

— Lee Hyun Yi

Lee Hyun Yi then shared that she was injured three weeks ago and even had gone to the hospital.

I’ve had paralysis on my face for about three weeks. I went to the hospital, and they said that I didn’t have any bone damage and that I should be fine after the swelling went down. The swelling has subsided, but I still can’t feel my face.

— Lee Hyun Yi

Meanwhile, Lee Hyun Yi is a popular model who has since become a TV personality. You can watch Lee Hyun Yi’s highlights from Kick A Goal in the link below.

Source: wikitree