Lee Hyunjoo Apologizes For Failing To Properly Disclose Sponsored Items From Brands

She had been accused of “under-the-table” deals.

Former APRIL’s Lee Hyunjoo has issued an official apology for her recent “under-the-table” advertisement controversy. She had been called out for failing to properly label and disclose sponsored items on her Instagram. She has since issued an apology and clarified the matter.

Hello. This is Lee Hyunjoo. I apologize for having confused everyone with the photographs uploaded on my Instagram. I had planned to separately upload the items I had tagged on Instagram in an advertisement on my YouTube but in order to avoid confusion, I had labelled it as an advertisement on my Instagram in advance. Apart from that, the other items I tagged as sponsored are ones that I received as gifts (no monetary transaction) and I uploaded pictures of them out of gratitude. I’m sorry for causing discomfort regarding my unfamiliarity with advertisement labels. I will pay more attention in the future.

— Hyunjoo

Hyunjoo has been active as a model, actress and on social media following her withdrawal from the group.


Source: Star News
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