“Alchemy Of Souls” Actor Lee Jae Wook Tells All About His Viral Kiss Scene With Co-star Go Yoon Jung

The kiss scene immediately went viral.

Actor Lee Jae Wook spoke about his steamy kiss scene with co-star Go Yoon Jung.

Recently, Lee Jae Wook met with media outlet Wikitree for an exclusive interview in which the actor spoke openly about the kiss scene in Alchemy Of Souls 2.

Alchemy Of Souls is a fantasy drama that takes place in a world where magic, martial arts, and soul shifters exist. The drama tells the story of Jang Uk (played by Lee Jae Wook), the heir to a prominent family who was prophecized to become king, and his torrid love affair with Naksu, an assassin, and soul shifter.

In the drama’s first season, actress Jung So Min plays Naksu, who has transferred her soul into Mu Deok I’s body. It is this version of Naksu that Jang Uk falls in love with until Naksu regains her original appearance (played by Go Yoon Jung) in the drama’s second season.

In the December 31 episode of Alchemy Of Souls, Jang Uk and Naksu shared a kiss that immediately went viral. Fans raved about the scene as well as Lee Jae Wook’s ears which noticeably turned red during the scene.


Recently, Lee Jae Wook was asked about the kiss scene and how it was much more intense than any kiss scene in season 1. According to Wikitree, when asked, Lee Jae Wook’s ears turned red once again before crediting the drama’s director for the scene.

First, director Park Joon Hwa wanted the kiss scene to be pretty. I spoke in depth about the kiss scene with Director Park for a week. I tried to express details in the scene, such as nudging (Go Yoon Jung) against the wall.

— Lee Jae Wook

The actor then revealed how the actors and the director built the scene together.

The (character’s) dialogue before the kiss scene was about how the two won’t ever see each other again. (Therefore) we considered how we could best (express) the scene, and started by nudging (Go Yoon Jung) against the wall and started building the scene from there.

— Lee Jae Wook

Lee Jae Wook finished the interview by speaking highly about his co-stars and directors and thanking them for trusting him with the character Jang Uk.

Alchemy Of Souls ended its epic 30-episode run on January 8, when it released the final tenth episode of season 2. Haven’t started the drama’s second season? Check out its trailer in the link below!



Source: wikitree
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