Lee Jinhyuk Apologizes For Impersonating X1’s Nam Dohyun

He apologized.

During September 15, Lee Jinhyuk held his “T.Y.F.L in Thailand” fan meeting in Thailand and spent time with his friends.

During the event, Lee Jinhyuk was playing games with fans. While they were playing, Nam Dohyun appeared on the screen. The two appeared together on Produce X 101. When Jinhyuk saw the photo on the screen, he immediately started impersonating the way he speaks and his gestures.

Many took issue with how Lee Jinhyuk impersonated Nam Dohyun, saying that he insulted Dohyun into a caricature to make people laugh. Fans claimed that he exaggerated Nam Dohyun traits, which led people to ask Lee Jinhyuk for an apology.

As the controversy grew, Lee Jinhyuk addressed the issue on Instagram Live. He said,

I am sorry. I contacted Nam Dohyun to apologize to him personally as well. I am receiving all this love and attention and I will be more thoughtful in th way I act. I am very sorry. Please continue to love me, and please continue to love Nam Dohyun. I sincerely apologize for my mistake and I apologize for making my fans feel uncomfortable.

Source: Naver