Lee Jong Suk’s Agency Explains What Happened In Jakarta

“Lee Jong Suk and A-man Project are not at fault in relation to the detention situation…”

Lee Jong Suk recently shared a post explaining that he was being detained in Jakarta, Indonesia after holding a fan meeting due to problems with their revenue report.

“Thankfully, I finished my fan meeting well 😊

But all of my staff and I are currently stuck in Jakarta. I think we’ve been detained since yesterday.. The local promoter, Yes24, reported their revenue from the event to the tax office, but they’ve taken the passports of my staff and I – who have nothing to do with the revenue reports.

I hope for the fast solution by Yes24, their agency The Creative Lab, and Yumetomo.

This is my first time experiencing something like this, so I don’t know what to do.. (Mom, I’m coming home late today… 😅”

— Lee Jong Suk


Thankfully, Lee Jong Suk was finally released by the government and returned to Seoul on the morning of the 6th after spending days at a nearby hotel.


In relation to the situation, Lee Jong Suk’s agency A-man Project has released an official statement explaining further details about the incident, clarifying that neither the actor nor the agency was at fault.

“Hello. This is A-man Project. We deliver our official statement in regards to Lee Jong Suk’s detention that was reported through the Indonesian press on the 5th.

In regard to the visa issue for Lee Jong Suk’s Jakarta fan meeting, we confirmed through our agencies, Yumetomo and The Creative Lab, before the fan meeting on the 3rd that our local promoter, Yes24, issued performance visas for Lee Jong Suk and 11 staff members. Therefore, the 12 members, who arrived in Jakarta on the 2nd, attended the fan meeting at 6:30 pm as planned. However, at the airport before departing at around 8 pm on the 4th, we received news that the manager of Yes24 Indonesia, who had all of the members’ passports, had gone missing.

Then at 2:30 am on the 5th, we got in touch with the manager and found out that all of our passports were taken by the local Indonesian tax authorities because the profits from ticket sales were not properly reported and that the penalties would be paid in order to resolve the issue.

As Lee Jong Suk and the staff members were waiting for the situation to get resolved and doing their best to come up with a solution, we found out through the Embassy in Indonesia that a problem occurred with the issuance of a visa and a temporary ban from leaving the country was set by the immigration office.

Up to this point, Yes24 deceitfully carried out their promises to Lee Jong Suk and A-man Project and it has caused us severe economic and psychological damage. A-man Project is preparing legal measures against the two agencies including our promoter, Yes24, through our legal representative, Yulchon.

Furthermore, we will not look idly on situations in which our artist’s reputation is damaged through speculative words regarding this incident.

Once again, we state that Lee Jong Suk and A-man Project are not at fault in relation to the detention situation and we will do our best to prevent Korean artists from receiving damage due to similar situations in the future. Thank you.”

ㅡ A-man Project