Lee Jong Suk Cancels Contract With YNK Entertainment After 5 Months, Netizens Attack His Character

“I heard he was human trash, but I guess that’s proved now”

Actor Lee Jong Suk has canceled his exclusive contract with YNK Entertainment after only 5 months with the agency.


YNK Entertainment has released their official statement in regard to the matter:

“The management contract in relation to Lee Jong Suk was cancelled in September and we have decided to part ways. Although we have decided to go our separate ways with Lee Jong Suk, we wish him the best in the future.” ㅡ YNK Entertainment


Lee Jong Suk had signed a contract with YNK Entertainment in April after leaving YG Entertainment and the agency has managed his domestic and overseas promotions since.

Lee Jong Suk Leaving YG Entertainment After 2 Years, Will Not Sign New Contract


Henceforth, the actor will reportedly be managed under A-MAN Project, a company that he has established on his own.


With news of his departure from YNK Entertainment, netizens have been attacking his character, claiming that his inability to stay with one agency for long has to be related to his character.

  • “Whatever the reason is, he can’t seem to stay with one agency for long~ It was the same for YG…”
  • “Doesn’t seem like he has good character”
  • “Lee Jong Suk has a good face, but…”
  • “There’s a reason he can’t stay for long~~”
  • “What an a**hole”
  • “I think he’s pretty much doomed…You can succeed in society on your own…”
  • “I saw him in Hawaii at the airport and he was really rude to his fans…lol”
  • “Even among normal people, those who move companies often are always weird (except for the capable ones who are scouted)”
  • “I heard he was human trash, but I guess that’s proved now”


Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk will be appearing on tvN’s upcoming drama Romance Supplement, which is expected to begin airing in the first half of 2019, alongside co-star Lee Na Young.

Source: Star News and Nate