Lee Jong Suk Gains Attention At A Public Appearance After Bringing Back The “Couple Item” Also Worn By Girlfriend IU

The item was a hot topic when the news first broke!

In the hours leading up to January 1, netizens anticipate the annual Dispatch couple reveals. This year, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when it was announced that K-Pop idol IU and actor Lee Jong Suk had been dating for four months.

Singer IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram
Actor Lee Jong Suk | @jongsuk0206/Instagram

Although the two are quite lowkey in their relationship but never fail to share their admiration for each other, Lee Jong Suk gained attention for his fashion choices linked to the idol.

On March 9 (KST), Lee Jong Suk made an appearance at an event for the fashion brand Bottega Venetta. As expected, the idol looked phenomenal, and netizens couldn’t stop gushing about his visuals.

As amazing as his appearance was, one thing that both netizens and Korean media couldn’t get over was the Bottega Veneta bag he was wearing. Although it didn’t seem out of the ordinary as it was from the brand and perfectly fitted the outfit…

The couple bag that gained attention

It was actually from one particular line of designer house Bottega Veneta, which became a hot topic for it is a “Couple bag” with IU.

Back when the news of their relationship was first released, one of the key parts of their bond that was examined was their “Couple items.” The two were captured sporting the same item at the airport when Lee Jong Suk left for Osaka on December 20 and IU left for Nagoya on December 24.

When the news was released, IU and Jong Suk gained attention for their “couple bag”

The luxurious item in question was a Bottega Veneta cassette bag. Both idols have been seen wearing it, and it definitely cements just how cute they are.

The Botegga Venetta bag

Of course, when the images were shared, netizens couldn’t get over Lee Jong Suk flexing his “Couple Bag” at such a huge event.

It’s not the first time Lee Jong Suk has showcased his relationship with IU in his clothes.  On February 4, the designer brand Beyond Closet posted a picture with the actor on their Instagram page.

Although the image was cute, eagle-eyed netizens noticed something heartwarming in the actor’s outfit. When zooming in on Lee Jong Suk’s hat, they noticed that he was wearing a hat with The Golden Hour on it.

Lee Jong Suk wearing the IU “Golden Hour” hat | @beyondcloset_official/Instagram
IU wearing the same hat during her 2022 tour

As always, although dating can sometimes seem taboo in the Korean entertainment industry, both Lee Jong Suk and IU never fail to showcase their feelings for each other. Although it’s just a bag, for many, it’s an adorable reminder of their relationship.

You can read more about Lee Jong Suk’s appearance at the event below.

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Source: Nate


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