Lee Jong Suk Opens Up About His Relationship With IU, And His Emotional Interview Has Netizens Swooning

He left even the interviewer speechless with his romantic reply.

From industry peers to coworkers to lovers, Lee Jong Suk and IU‘s romance has been like a fairy tale, and fans have eagerly anticipated any updates on the two since they were revealed as Dispatch‘s 2023 New Year’s couple.

Lee Jong Suk | @jongsuk0206/Instagram

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IU and Lee Jong Suk met as MCs on SBS‘s Inkigayo in 2012. Lee Jong Suk previously shared that the two rarely interacted when they weren’t filming for the show but that their friendship grew when he left his MC position to focus on his acting career.

IU (left) and Lee Jong Suk (right) on SBS’s “Inkigayo” in 2012.

In a letter to his fans confirming his relationship with IU, he revealed that she’d had his heart since he was in his mid-20s.

We met for the first time when we were in our mid-20s. For me, it grew into something like a crush. There was something big there, and at times, I was bummed that it didn’t go anywhere. For a long time, we remained friends. But now, we’re finally together.

— Lee Jong Suk

In a similarly heartwarming letter, IU also confirmed the relationship and shared how it developed from friends to lovers over the years.

I am developing good feelings for a person who has been a colleague for a long time and we have been relying on each other.

Thankfully, he has been supporting me for a long time. He has always told me ‘you’re cool, so cool’. He is a reliable and cute person who gives me sincere encouragement.

— IU

Their eloquent words have been warming fans’ hearts since the beginning of the year, and netizens are again swooning at Lee Jong Suk’s recent comments about IU.

Lee Jong Suk is featured on the cover of Esquire Korea‘s March 2023 edition, and along with his feature, he participated in an exclusive interview where he opened up about his relationship.

The accomplished actor couldn’t help praising IU when asked about their newly public relationship. He heartwarmingly shared that her existence gives him “will and strength” while acknowledging that she provides similar comfort to fans worldwide through her talent and music.

It might sound corny to say that her existence gave me the will and strength. But it’s not just me but many people that have received consolation from her music and lyrics.

— Lee Jong Suk

He continued by reflecting on their long-term friendship and shared that she’s been there for him through life’s challenges.

The only difference is that I received consolation through conversation. But more than that, we have been friends for a long time, and I think she is the funniest person in this world. As I said previously, I received much consolation from her through my challenges after entering my thirties.

— Lee Jong Suk

His sweet and thoughtful answer had even the interviewer swooning as they hilariously interjected, “What you just said was really touching.”

Lee Jong Suk sweetly credited IU for making him want to become “an even better person.

We were friends since I was in my mid-twenties, so we met when we were pretty young. So when she tells me, ‘You’ve matured a lot,’ it makes me want to become more of an adult. And it makes me want to become an even better person.

— Lee Jong Suk

The interviewer was again left speechless by the actor’s romantic comments about IU and couldn’t help pointing out his moving words again.

Netizens also expressed their emotional reactions to the sweet interview, sharing their happiness that IU and Lee Jong Suk can talk openly about each other in interviews.

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Source: Esquire