Lee Jong Suk talks about kiss scenes with Park Shin Hye, Jin Se Yeon, and Lee Bo Young

With his ever-increasing popularity, actor Lee Jong Suk visited Taiwan on March 21st and greeted 2,500 fans during a fan meeting in Taiwan.

Since it was a fan meeting, there were many opportunities to interview the actor about interesting stories from his acting experiences.

As revealed by Park Shin Hye, who starred alongside Lee Jong Suk as a couple in SBS hit drama Pinocchio, the actor actually showed a cute side of himself off-camera. During the fan meeting, Lee Jong Suk first denied that he practices aegyo, reasoning that, “it is embarrassing,” but later confidently stated that doing aegyo is an inborn talent for him and even did live demonstrations for the fans.

Besides partnering with Park Shin Hye, Lee Jong Suk also had the opportunity to couple with Jin Se Yeon in SBS drama Doctor Stranger and Lee Bo Young in SBS drama I Can Hear Your Voice. His kiss scenes with the actresses became a hot issue as he was always able to do it so romantically and naturally. When asked how he determined how long each kiss scene should be, Lee Jong Suk first humbly answered, “it’s decided by the director,” but then later added,”it depends on my feelings,” showing his professionalism as he explained that if it was too long, it may be edited away; if it was too quick, it would be awkward.

During the press conference, Lee Jong Suk also shared what he does during his free time. The model-turned-actor said that he is a geek who likes to stay home and daydream, avoiding workouts if possible. Even when asked if he would call good-friend Kim Woo Bin out to exercise, he candidly answered, “I hate exercising!”, leading to laughter among the reporters. Lee Jong Suk even revealed that he went to watch the movie 20, starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM’s Junho, where he almost teared up while watching.

In other news, Lee Jong Suk recently released a video teaser for a mysterious special project that is about to happen on March 28th.

Source: ETtoday