Lee Jonghyun Announces He Will Leave CNBLUE Due To His Scandals

He has left the group.

Following the news of his inappropriate DM to an AfreecaTV broadcast jockey and his involvement in Jung Joon Young‘s chatrooms, Lee Jonghyun has announced he will be leaving CNBLUE.

In a statement released by his agency, FNC Entertainment, he apologized for his actions.

This is FNC Entertainment.

Lee Jonghyun has decided to leave his group after discussing it with us and his members. We are relaying Lee Jonghyun’s message to everyone.

— FNC Entertainment

Hello. This is Lee Jonghyun.

Once again, I would like to apologize to the people I have hurt through my inappropriate words and actions, and also to the people who have been very disappointed in me.

Also, although it is late, I am announcing that I am leaving CNBLUE. I am sorry that I have hurt the members, and I have told the members I am leaving the group. I feel ashamed to have disappointed the fans who have believed in me.

Since all of the members, including myself, are serving in the military, it took a long time to express my opinion and announce this. I am sorry, and I feel grateful to my agency who waited for me.

I feel very regretful over my wrongdoings, and I am willing to accept the criticism from people. I am sorry for causing trouble.

— Lee Jonghyun

Lee Jonghyun was also implicated in being involved in Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms, and even receiving videos from him. Chat logs showed him talking about sex with different girls, and speaking in derogatory terms.

Chat Logs Reveal CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun and Jung Joon Young Discussing Sex With Girls

Source: Xportnews