Lee Joo Yeon’s New Cryptic Instagram Posts May Be Directed At Former Rumored Flame, G-Dragon

Have shots been fired?

Former After School member Lee Joo Yeon is garnering attention for her cryptic Instagram uploads.

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Just a day ago, Lee Joo Yeon posted a few screenshots from the movie, Anne of Green Gables onto her Instagram page. While it may have been a normal upload under different circumstances, netizens believe the timing is too coincidental. Right after she uploaded the photos, the shocking dating news regarding BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie were made public. Due to the timing, fans were left to assume that Lee Joo Yeon’s uploads were shots made against her former rumored flame. Here are what her posts said.

Still from “Anne of Green Gables” | @jupppal/Instagram

In my personal experience, if you firmly decide in your heart to have fun, you’ll find something fun to experience.

— Anne of Green Gables

Still from “Anne of Green Gables” | @jupppal/Instagram

Of course, you have to desire it strongly.

— Anne of Green Gables

The former After School member was previously swept up in numerous dating rumors with the BIGBANG member. The speculations first broke out back in 2016, after hawk-like fans noticed the undeniable similarity between several photos that were uploaded onto their separate Instagram accounts. They claimed that the backgrounds of the photos placed the two idols at the same location at the same time. Fans quickly concluded that they were involved romantically and were traveling together as a couple. This first photo was uploaded by Lee Joo Yeon…

Photo of alleged date with G-Dragon | @jupppal/Instagram

…and this photo was uploaded by G-Dragon.

Photo of alleged date with Lee Joo Yeon | @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

Fans held onto their theories about the two, but the rumors eventually died down since neither party addressed them. A year later, the speculations were reignited when photos and videos from Lee Joo Yeon’s Kwai account were leaked online. The pictures and video clips showed the two’s obviously close relationship, which only seemed to confirm what fans knew all along.

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Even with the numerous reports and photos from their alleged dates, however, their agencies denied the rumors. Fans were left unsatisfied after the vague denials and continued to believe that the two were together, but couldn’t admit to their relationship due to G-Dragon’s immense global popularity.

Photo of G-Dragon and Lee Joo Yeon in Jeju-do | Dispatch

With their history, netizens are now speculating that Lee Joo Yeon’s Instagram posts were shots directed at G-Dragon and how he handled their alleged relationship in light of his new dating rumors.

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