Actor Lee Jung Jae’s “Chaebol” Lover Im Se Ryung Goes Viral For Her Beauty At The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards

“Lee Jung Jae really has it all.”

Amid Lee Jung Jae‘s historic win at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards, becoming the first Asian actor to win the awards top acting prize, it seems the actor isn’t the only one winning over new fans.

Lee Jung Jae | Variety

Photos of the actor attending the awards show with his longtime girlfriend and chaebol heiress, Im Se Ryung, have gone viral in Korea. Im Se Ryung is a business mogul and the heiress of the Daesang Group, one of Korea’s largest conglomerates. Currently, she sits on the group’s board of executives as Vice President.

Lee Jung Jae (left) and Im Se Ryung (right) | Associated Press

The power couple looked absolutely stunning during the 74th Primetime Emmys‘ red carpet, where they posed for press. The actor looked dazzling in an embroidered tuxedo, while the actress stunned in a white dress with shoulder accents reminiscent of ceremonial accessories worn by royalty during the Chosun dynasty in Korea.

Netizens reacted in droves, expressing their envy and admiration for the real-life chaebol heiress.

  • “Im Se Ryung has Hong Kong actress vibes.”
  • “Her facial features are crazy, and her skin is good too. I always thought she was pretty, but seeing her dressed up, she’s even prettier.”
  • “Im Se Ryung is really pretty, wow.”
  • “I thought she was actress Yoon Se Ah.
  • “She’s a chaebol with a face like that. I am so jealous.”
  • “Lee Jung Jae really has it all.”
  • “Are they getting married? Lee Jung Jae is the real winner.”
  • “Im Se Ryung is a whole vibe.”

According to netizens, Lee Jung Jae won even before the winners at the award show were announced!

Source: Theqoo